Jonathan is the author / designer of tHREE titles for Choice of Games.


Cover Art by Jerel Dye

Cover Art by Jerel Dye


Set twenty years after its predecessor, “Exile of the Gods” finds you contending with new enemies--and possibly old friends!--as you hunt for the mysterious force that has stolen your destiny. Looming warfare, sacred monsters, and supernatural intrigue abound as you wade into the politics of a world that will, by game’s end, seem all-too-familiar.

Play it on its own, or continue your story from "Champion"--you'll experience a one-of-a-kind adventure either way!

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Cover Art by Jeff Dee

Cover Art by Jeff Dee


You are a warrior, blessed by the gods with fantastic powers--but every step you take down your destined path will bring you closer to secrets no mortal was ever meant to know.

Explore your destiny in a world of epic adventure, inspired by the Greek myths. Fight ancient soldiers, monsters, and even deities. Harness divine gifts to build your hero into an unstoppable force. Earn the favor of the immortals through your mercy, or through your ruthlessness. Win allies with your humility, your haughtiness, or your powers of deception.

Will you fight for love, for glory, or for both? Will you rely on your true heart, or on guile? And when you finally learn the truth behind your prophecy, will you choose at last to serve the gods, or to overthrow your creators?

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Cover Art by Jeff Wiser

Cover Art by Jeff Wiser

"The Fleet" (2012)

"The Fleet" is an homage to spacefaring TV dramas and resource-management games. In this title, your home planet endures a terrifying attack from enemy forces. The escapees embark on an odyssey of survival--and they are depending upon you, their Captain, to guide them through the void.

An alien alliance offers help, but are their intentions pure? The people threaten revolt as resources dwindle, but is appeasement the right way to protect them? And what is the dreaded secret of the Grix, the mysterious space pirates whose barren domain is your only hope for survival?

Put yourself in the Captain's chair and get ready for a war where not all is what is seems, and no one is precisely who they pretend to be--even you.

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